Park 8

The Park 8 incorporates a total of 36 residential units including 4 accessible units and 50 car parking spaces provided within a basement and lower ground level.

The key aspects of the proposal are as follows:

Key Controls:

The key control are as follows:

Communal open space: Total of 826.7m2.

Deep soil: 743.4m2.

Landscaped area: 978m2.

Solar Access: 71.79% of total units (28 out of 39 units) achieve the minimum 2 hours of solar access at mid-­‐winter.

Natural  Ventilation:  61.54%  of  total  units  (24  out  of  39  units)  achieve  natural ventilation.

Residential Units
A total of 36 residential units with the following mix:

9 x 1 Bed Unit

23 x 2 Bed Unit

4 x 3 Bed Unit

A total of 50 car parking spaces within a basement and lower ground level with the following parking mix:
Residential parking spaces: 47

Visitor parking spaces: 3

The  proposal  also  provides  a  total  of  20  bicycle  parking  spaces  with  10  spaces  within  the  basement level and 10 spaces within the lower ground level.

Situated near an established industrial precinct, a public school, a large park and a key east-­‐west running arterial road network (Victoria Road) the development site; once consolidated will comprise of a large irregular shaped land parcel with a frontage to Burbang Crescent.

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